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Best visual online collaborative project management tool: Trello

Best visual online collaborative project management tool: Trello

I’ve used Trello for almost a year and it easily becomes my favourite tools to keep track of both my personal and client projects.

Trello just achieves 1.1 Million Daily users and 14 million signups to date. I am happy to be one of them.

5 Reasons I love Trello

Sync across all devices instantly

When I suddenly have some ideas, I usually start a project on iPhone App & continue on iPad or Mac.

Drag & Drop

Trello’s drag & drop feature is super user-friendly.

Freemium pricing model

The basic plan is free for everyone and it has most of the killer features. You can upgrade anytime if you need more functions. I’m using Trello Gold now and plan to upgrade to Business in the future.

My clients love it

No more back-and-forth emails. My clients and I could comment or upload attachments on particular tasks and all activities can be tracked by other team members.

Chrome Extension

Did I mention Trello has an incredibly useful chrome extension? Whenever I find a website or an article that are useful for one of my projects, I just click the trello extension and save the links.


Get Things Done


If you are ready to bring your workflow to the next level, signup Trello for Free now!



Up till now, Trello is my favourite visual online collaborative project management tool. I am hoping to see more softwares like Trello which can save my time and boost my productivity.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Facebook’s Instant Article

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Facebook’s Instant Article

10x Faster Than Mobile Browsers
Loading speed matters. Have you ever close a website before it successfully loaded its content? Facebook’s Instant Article doesn’t just improve this major pain point. It improves by 10 times faster. Now you just need to focus on your content, because no one will leave your page because of loading speed.

Mobile-Friendly Designs
Back in 2014, mobile users had already surpassed desktop users. The trend is clear – More mobile users and more time spend on mobile per user.

If you don’t have a mobile or responsive website, you’d better create one. If you don’t have the time, skills and money to do it, instant articles might be a good option for you to launch mobile-friendly blog posts in a short period of time.

Higher Engagement
This is obvious. Higher loading speed and a mobile-friendly design lead to a better user experience. People are therefore more likely to interact with your posts.

Better Monetization
Facebook empowers you to make money out of your content, which is great.

Facebook Still Matters
Do not care about the eye-catching ‘news’ about how young people are abandoning Facebook. Ask yourself, are you using Facebook every day? Facebook are now used by over 1 billion people. In Hong Kong, more than 4.7 Million people use Facebook every month and 72% (3.4 Million) of them return every day.

So when Facebook launches a new flagship product, you’d better dive in.

Note: Instant Article is not for everyone. Learn more about it by reading the documentation. Test it by creating one on your page. Then, you’ll see if it suits your publishing workflow. is now supporting Facebook Instant Article is now supporting Facebook Instant Article

If you are reading this blog on Facebook via your smartphones, you are probably reading an instant article.

Why Facebook Instant Article?

Using Instant Article as both publishers and readers has lots of advantages. I will talk more tomorrow on ‘5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Facebook’s Instant Article’.


For the next few weeks, I will test out more features of instant articles. Please let me know when you encounter any problem reading my blog. Thanks!

How businesses leverage Yahoo’s latest marketing strategies

How businesses leverage Yahoo’s latest marketing strategies

Today, Yahoo, Madcradle Online and PayPal jointly organizs an event at Yahoo HK Headquarter, sharing how brands can leverage Yahoo’s platforms to grow their businesses.

– Ms Mabel Law, Madcradle GM
– Jess Tse, Paypal channel partner team

Here’re some key notes I have taken during the event:

Complete Marketing Cycle

Search Engine Marketing → Banner Ad/ Social media Marketing → Native advertising → Mobile Marketing (apps, site, iBeacon) → Video Marketing → KOLs Marketing → Event Marketing

Traditional vs Native Ads

Traditional ads (e.g. popup banners) – Click through rate (CTR) 0.05%
Native Ads – CTR 0.5% (10x better!)

Topic: Yahoo Native Ads (5 Features + 5 Best Practices)

5 Features:

1 Pay-per-click model (better than pay-per-impressions)
2 Premium and social content
3 Cross devices and platform
4 Flexible ad budget
5 Target the right audience (behavioural, site retargeting, keyword search retargeting)

5 Best Practices:

1 Write attractive content (Content Marketing or Promotions for ready buyers)2 Precisely-designed images (1200×627 or 627×627) and videos (<30 seconds, eye-catching character, clear message)

2 Precisely-designed images (1200×627 or 627×627) and videos (<30 seconds, eye-catching character, clear message)

3 Being mobile ready:
– Simplify navigation
– Be thumb friendly
– Minimize loading time
– Make it easy to convert (e.g. no need signup before buying stuff)
– Make it accessible
– Make it local

After implementing a mobile-friendly site, Agoda achieved 8.5x mobile traffic & 2x online bookings.

4 Targeting the right audience
– behavioural, gender, site retargeting

5 Optimization loop
Work only begins after the ad launches
Perform A/B Testing for Ad creatives and T&D (Title and Description)


While Facebook and Google are dominating the online marketing world, it’s worth noticing Yahoo as an alternative marketing channels for local brands targeting the mass market.

An intro to Apps development at Mettā

An intro to Apps development at Mettā

Angelhack Week is happening in Hong Kong. Today, General Assembly organizes an intro to Apps development and investment options at a new co-working space in Hong Kong called Metta.

Apps Development Insights

Speaker: Charlie Morris – Software Developer, Mind Fund Studio

Here’re some key notes I have taken during the event:

MindFund Studio spends ⅔ of their time developing their own products while spending ⅓ of the time as an agency
There are 1.5 billion mobile phones worldwide and Android dominates.
4 ways to monetize Apps: Paid apps/ In-app purchase/ Subscription/ Banner Ads or sponsored content
9% of iOS apps are paid apps
Freemium model is getting popular (e.g. Clash of Clans)
50% users drop off on their onboarding stage
77% will never use the app after 3 days
95% daily active user loss 90 days after installs
HK Landscape:
Mobile: 24% iOS/ 74% Android
Tablet: 82% iOS/ 17% Android

About Mettā

Mettā is a great place for entrepreneurs with great location (at Lan Kwai Fong).

Want to learn more about Metta? Check out this video “Mettā in a Minute” and join “WeAreMettā” on Facebook.

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