First Impression of Google’s new travel app – Google Trips

First Impression of Google’s new travel app – Google Trips

The rumours are true! Google is tapping into the huge travel market by introducing its brand new mobile travel application named “Google Trips”.

I am fortunate to be selected as one of the travellers to beta test the new app. I would like to share how I feel when I first opened the app.

Great User Interface

The quality is expected as it is developed by Google.

Smart Personalization

Google automatically extracted all the trip-related data from my emails and generated ‘My Trips’. No input is required. It’s like Magic!

All saved places in one folder

I like saving places that I intend to go on Google Maps. With Google Trips, I can now see all my saved places in one place, without opening the Google Maps.
[Suggestion: It would be great if I can manually organize (add, delete/hide & rearrange) the saved places according to my itineraries.]

The ‘Reservations’ feature is amazing

All the important information of the flight and accommodation (e.g. Flight number, departure & arrival time, duration, confirmation code etc.) are all beautifully organized. I can also view the relevant emails if I want to.
[Suggestion: Real-time data showing which boarding gates I am going]

More than Wiki

Similar to Wikipedia, I can find the basic information that I need to know before departure, such as transportation, currency and emergencies.
[Suggestion: Please add a section to show what kind of sockets is using in the country.]

‘Things to do’

There are a million of “Things to do’ checklists out there. Lonely Planet, Wikitravel, Tripadvisor, Local guidebooks, bloggers, local magazines, friends’ recommendations are all my sources to plan for “Things to do”.
[Suggestion: I hope Google is not just another list but clever enough to generate a personalized ‘Things to do’ list that suits my needs.]

‘Food & Drink’

I like the ‘Wiki-style’ of ‘Overview’ where I can get a brief understanding of a city’s food culture.
[Suggestion: Allow users to add private notes to review the restaurants. ]


In general, I like the idea of ‘Google Trips’. Google is making a right move. Although there are lots of travel apps and the market is quite established, no single one app impresses me. Google still have a great chance to grab the market share from other competitors based on its giant user base who are already using other Google products like Google Maps and Gmails every day.

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