‘Save to Facebook’ Chrome Extension

‘Save to Facebook’ Chrome Extension

‘Out of Pocket’

5 years ago, I was a fan of Pocket – an app that helps me to save any articles on the web and read later, especially for offline reading. Since Facebook launched its own ‘Save’ feature, I shifted from Pocket and started using it to save any posts, pages or links that I will ‘read later’. I love this feature as it allows me to ‘keep an eye’ on certain pages or links while I’m not ready to ‘like’ them yet.

Save to Facebook

I’m happy to see Facebook taking this feature to the next level by introducing its own chrome extension. Now I can basically save ANYTHING to Facebook and create my own reading list. I have 700+ saved items on Facebook right now and I can see the list growing in a much faster pace.

Download the Chrome Extension here


How Evernote’s latest updates affect my workflow

How Evernote’s latest updates affect my workflow

Evernote’s latest updates

Evernote has released 2 major updates after celebrating its 8th year anniversary. These are not very good news for users. Users with free (basic) accounts will be limited to two devices and the pricing for Plus and Premium account will be increased (depending on regions).

I have been using Evernote for 5 years now. I have tried the Premium Plan and I like the offline feature, especially when I am travelling. Although the usage has been decreasing in recent years as I shifted most of my work to Google Drive, Evernote is still one of my favourite apps sitting on the homepage of my iPhone.

Why I love Evernote

Mobile Experience

The user experience on mobile is much better than Google Docs. I started using its app during the lectures when I was a student. Now I use it jot notes whenever I don’t have access to my mac.

Sync across mobile, tablet & Web

Search function

How the changes affect me

I am using the basic plan for now, with 6 devices connecting to my account (2 Macs, iPad, 2 Phones & 1 old iPhone). With the new device limit, I have to sign out 4 of my devices. Luckily, Evernote Web doesn’t count as a device. As I have shifted to use Evernote Web from its app on Mac for some time now, it won’t be a problem for me to disconnect the Mac App. Then, I decided to keep Evernote connected to my iPad and my primarily iPhone 6s, with my other phones disconnected. That’s it. I’m done! My workflow doesn’t really change at all.

Keep enjoying Evernote!

Get a free month of Evernote Premium.


Best visual online collaborative project management tool: Trello

Best visual online collaborative project management tool: Trello

I’ve used Trello for almost a year and it easily becomes my favourite tools to keep track of both my personal and client projects.

Trello just achieves 1.1 Million Daily users and 14 million signups to date. I am happy to be one of them.

5 Reasons I love Trello

Sync across all devices instantly

When I suddenly have some ideas, I usually start a project on iPhone App & continue on iPad or Mac.

Drag & Drop

Trello’s drag & drop feature is super user-friendly.

Freemium pricing model

The basic plan is free for everyone and it has most of the killer features. You can upgrade anytime if you need more functions. I’m using Trello Gold now and plan to upgrade to Business in the future.

My clients love it

No more back-and-forth emails. My clients and I could comment or upload attachments on particular tasks and all activities can be tracked by other team members.

Chrome Extension

Did I mention Trello has an incredibly useful chrome extension? Whenever I find a website or an article that are useful for one of my projects, I just click the trello extension and save the links.


Get Things Done


If you are ready to bring your workflow to the next level, signup Trello for Free now!



Up till now, Trello is my favourite visual online collaborative project management tool. I am hoping to see more softwares like Trello which can save my time and boost my productivity.

EasilyDo Mail is now my favourite Email App

EasilyDo Mail is now my favourite Email App

Bye Gmail!

Hello EasilyDo Mail!

I’ve used EasilyDo Email App for 1 day and it easily becomes my favourite Email App.

Don’t get confused. I’m still using my several gmail accounts (both for personal and for work). Google has a great family of productivity tools like Google Drive, Docs. I just use a new App to replace the original Gmail App.

What people are saying

I learnt about the app by reading Walt Mossberg’s review. From the article, he said “Apple’s aging email app opens the door for another contender.” Here’s another review on TechCrunch: “It’s definitely one worth checking out.”

What’s next

An iPad version is coming this fall and an Android version later this year.

My Feature Request

Please develop a desktop App on Mac asap as I usually spend the majority of time on desktop reading and replying emails.


No.2 Gmail App
No.3 Inbox by Gmail
No.4 Mail by Apple


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