How businesses leverage Yahoo’s latest marketing strategies

How businesses leverage Yahoo’s latest marketing strategies

Today, Yahoo, Madcradle Online and PayPal jointly organizs an event at Yahoo HK Headquarter, sharing how brands can leverage Yahoo’s platforms to grow their businesses.

– Ms Mabel Law, Madcradle GM
– Jess Tse, Paypal channel partner team

Here’re some key notes I have taken during the event:

Complete Marketing Cycle

Search Engine Marketing → Banner Ad/ Social media Marketing → Native advertising → Mobile Marketing (apps, site, iBeacon) → Video Marketing → KOLs Marketing → Event Marketing

Traditional vs Native Ads

Traditional ads (e.g. popup banners) – Click through rate (CTR) 0.05%
Native Ads – CTR 0.5% (10x better!)

Topic: Yahoo Native Ads (5 Features + 5 Best Practices)

5 Features:

1 Pay-per-click model (better than pay-per-impressions)
2 Premium and social content
3 Cross devices and platform
4 Flexible ad budget
5 Target the right audience (behavioural, site retargeting, keyword search retargeting)

5 Best Practices:

1 Write attractive content (Content Marketing or Promotions for ready buyers)2 Precisely-designed images (1200×627 or 627×627) and videos (<30 seconds, eye-catching character, clear message)

2 Precisely-designed images (1200×627 or 627×627) and videos (<30 seconds, eye-catching character, clear message)

3 Being mobile ready:
– Simplify navigation
– Be thumb friendly
– Minimize loading time
– Make it easy to convert (e.g. no need signup before buying stuff)
– Make it accessible
– Make it local

[Case Study: Agoda]
After implementing a mobile-friendly site, Agoda achieved 8.5x mobile traffic & 2x online bookings.

4 Targeting the right audience
– behavioural, gender, site retargeting

5 Optimization loop
Work only begins after the ad launches
Perform A/B Testing for Ad creatives and T&D (Title and Description)


While Facebook and Google are dominating the online marketing world, it’s worth noticing Yahoo as an alternative marketing channels for local brands targeting the mass market.

An intro to Apps development at Mettā

An intro to Apps development at Mettā

Angelhack Week is happening in Hong Kong. Today, General Assembly organizes an intro to Apps development and investment options at a new co-working space in Hong Kong called Metta.

Apps Development Insights

Speaker: Charlie Morris – Software Developer, Mind Fund Studio

Here’re some key notes I have taken during the event:

MindFund Studio spends ⅔ of their time developing their own products while spending ⅓ of the time as an agency
There are 1.5 billion mobile phones worldwide and Android dominates.
4 ways to monetize Apps: Paid apps/ In-app purchase/ Subscription/ Banner Ads or sponsored content
9% of iOS apps are paid apps
Freemium model is getting popular (e.g. Clash of Clans)
50% users drop off on their onboarding stage
77% will never use the app after 3 days
95% daily active user loss 90 days after installs
HK Landscape:
Mobile: 24% iOS/ 74% Android
Tablet: 82% iOS/ 17% Android

About Mettā

Mettā is a great place for entrepreneurs with great location (at Lan Kwai Fong).

Want to learn more about Metta? Check out this video “Mettā in a Minute” and join “WeAreMettā” on Facebook.




Internet Ecosystem Week 2016 is organized by The Best Practice of eCommerce, with Cyberport and InvestHK as strategic partners.


The shining list of speakers for today’s conference (ULTRADREAM 2016) makes me walk away from my workstation and spend few hours at Hysan Place. Just to name a few here:

  • Teddy Lui, Operations Director at Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund
  • Wilson Chan, Manager, Incubation Promotion at HKSTP
  • Alice So, Senior Manager at Cyberport
  • Kenneth She, Head of Hong Kong at UBER
  • Irene Chu, Partner – Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications at KPMG China
  • Ravic Li, General Manager and Co-founder at 51WM Company Ltd.
  • Edward Cheung at Unwire
  • Charles Mok, Legislative Councilor


Teddy Lui shared the criteria to apply for Alibaba’s Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund. Basically there are two – HK Resident + Alibaba Ecosystem. He emphasized that this is not solely about equity financing, but more about how your businesses create synergies with Alibaba’s giant ecosystem.


Wilson Chan and Alice So shared the incubation program at HKSTP & Cyberport. They are offering a wide range of supports, from office space & mentorship to fundraising. I believe the most important factor to join these programs is to expand your network and learn from each other.


Ravic Li from 51wm shared his experience in running a food delivery business in both HK & mainland China. With BAT dominating the Chinese market, how he adapt the challenging environment and move quickly is one thing we all should learn from.

Honestly, when we talk about food delivery, we might only think of deliveroo and food panda. From now on, you might give 51wm a try!)


Edward and Eric from shared their vision and some of their future plans. Tapping into the Taiwan market is a natural move as they share the same language with HK (Traditional Chinese). Eric mentioned the possibility to produce English content and trying to be the TechCrunch in Asia. I’m happy to hear that because we do need more media focusing on Asian startups. By penetrating into the Asian market, this could bring unwire’s brand to the next level.


Kenneth She shared how Uber has evolved from only 1 Asian city (Singapore) in 2013 to near 100 Asian cities today. An interesting fact that he shared is ‘There are 550,000 cars in HK but less than 20,000 shared.’ This is a shocking figure which reminds us ‘Sharing Economy’ is still a long way to go in Hong Kong.

I’m a big fan of Uber. I even took Uber to join the conference. Sharing economy is an unstoppable trend. It’s not about breaking the rules, but more about solving problems and shaping a better world through existing technologies and creative solutions.


Internet Ecosystem Week 2016 ((ULTRADREAM 2016) is definitely a great event for startups and business leaders to learn about the latest trends and best practices. With more events like this, Hong Kong’s startups ecosystem could grow even faster. Thanks Mann Yim for organizing & KPMG for offering such a great venue!


Today’s topic is about new media and startups. As new digital media is popping up in Hong Kong, I was expecting more discussion on the scene and how to run a media startup like

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