Getting started with Craft by Invision

Getting started with Craft by Invision

Learn by Doing

I didn’t learn design in school. Instead, I learn by reading, doing and sharing. I read lots of articles and videos online. One of my favourite blogs that inspire me to take my first step to start designing is InVision Blog.

Recently, I have learnt that InVision is releasing a new tool called “CRAFT”. As I have followed InVision blog for a long time, I trust the team behind InVision and I decided to dive in.

What is Craft?

In short, Craft is a groundbreaking set of free plugins for Sketch and Photoshop to bring real data and lightning speed to your design workflow. You can learn more in this documentation and this intro video.

First Impression

Craft is a suite of plugins, including, LIBRARY, PHOTOS, TYPE, DUPLICATE and PROTOTYPE (Coming Soon).

The first plugin I tried was PHOTOS. As you can see from the mockup screen above, there is a beautiful landscape photo as the background image. I was using the PHOTOS plugin to import this beautiful image from, directly in Sketch. I can choose which category of photos to import, such as ‘people’, ‘nature’, ‘technology’ etc. It was impressive!

What’s next?

In the coming months, I will dive into UI/UX design with Sketch, Craft and InVision.

Best visual online collaborative project management tool: Trello

Best visual online collaborative project management tool: Trello

I’ve used Trello for almost a year and it easily becomes my favourite tools to keep track of both my personal and client projects.

Trello just achieves 1.1 Million Daily users and 14 million signups to date. I am happy to be one of them.

5 Reasons I love Trello

Sync across all devices instantly

When I suddenly have some ideas, I usually start a project on iPhone App & continue on iPad or Mac.

Drag & Drop

Trello’s drag & drop feature is super user-friendly.

Freemium pricing model

The basic plan is free for everyone and it has most of the killer features. You can upgrade anytime if you need more functions. I’m using Trello Gold now and plan to upgrade to Business in the future.

My clients love it

No more back-and-forth emails. My clients and I could comment or upload attachments on particular tasks and all activities can be tracked by other team members.

Chrome Extension

Did I mention Trello has an incredibly useful chrome extension? Whenever I find a website or an article that are useful for one of my projects, I just click the trello extension and save the links.


Get Things Done


If you are ready to bring your workflow to the next level, signup Trello for Free now!



Up till now, Trello is my favourite visual online collaborative project management tool. I am hoping to see more softwares like Trello which can save my time and boost my productivity.

An intro to Apps development at Mettā

An intro to Apps development at Mettā

Angelhack Week is happening in Hong Kong. Today, General Assembly organizes an intro to Apps development and investment options at a new co-working space in Hong Kong called Metta.

Apps Development Insights

Speaker: Charlie Morris – Software Developer, Mind Fund Studio

Here’re some key notes I have taken during the event:

MindFund Studio spends ⅔ of their time developing their own products while spending ⅓ of the time as an agency
There are 1.5 billion mobile phones worldwide and Android dominates.
4 ways to monetize Apps: Paid apps/ In-app purchase/ Subscription/ Banner Ads or sponsored content
9% of iOS apps are paid apps
Freemium model is getting popular (e.g. Clash of Clans)
50% users drop off on their onboarding stage
77% will never use the app after 3 days
95% daily active user loss 90 days after installs
HK Landscape:
Mobile: 24% iOS/ 74% Android
Tablet: 82% iOS/ 17% Android

About Mettā

Mettā is a great place for entrepreneurs with great location (at Lan Kwai Fong).

Want to learn more about Metta? Check out this video “Mettā in a Minute” and join “WeAreMettā” on Facebook.

WhatsApp for Mac and Window

WhatsApp for Mac and Window


Whatsapp just released its desktop App version. To me, it’s not a big news as I have been using WhatsApp Web for months. And I don’t see much difference between the Web and App version.

What I like about WhatsApp Desktop/ Web

Sending Documents
With the desktop/ web version, I can easily send out files sitting on my desktop, which is a time-saver.

Open Shared Links with Desktop Browser
I don’t like using 4.7-inch mobile to browse the web when I have my 27” desktop in front of me. It makes sense to read articles on a bigger screen

How to use Whatsapp on desktop

First, you need to download the app. –> Download Here

1. Install the Desktop App
2. Open your mobile WhatsApp > Settings > WhatsApp Web
3. Click ‘Scan QR code’ to scan the QR code shown on your desktop App > Done!


Now I can use WhatsApp on the web, on Mac and on iPhone, which is great, but how about the iPad? I’m frustrated when I need to send something through WhatsApp while using my iPad.




There are tons of reasons for you to take Uber. Here are mine:

Try different cars
As a traveller, I always look for new experiences. With Uber, I might have a chance to take Tesla. However, every time I order the closest UberBLACK, it’s always a 7-Seater. (Not bad though)

Don’t have a car
I don’t think I can afford one at this moment. Or put it this way, I have a long buying list but buying a car is not even on my Top 100.

Don’t like driving
Even if you give me a car, I am still not a big fan of driving. I prefer making good use of my time on my way to the destination. I usually check email, read the latest news, plan the day ahead or just relax and look through the window.

Much better than Taxi
It’s a no brainer to choose Uber over the taxi. In terms of comfortability, services and customer experience, Uber scores 9/10 while taxi only scores 5/10.

You don’t have to worry about paying cash and changes anymore. You can drop off anywhere you want in a second.

Promo Code
From time to time, Uber gives out promo code for you to input on your app. Recently they have launched #UBERMOMHK to celebrate Mother’s Day by offerring 2 free rides. You can save a lot of money if you follow close.

Pay for Your Family
You can link your family member’s account to yours and pay for their rides. It’s a very good feature. Now they don’t need to care about the money, as if you have hired a personal driver to them.


There are many more benefits of being a #UBERTRAVELLER which are not mentioned here. Having said that, Uber still has a big room for improvements in terms of services and user experience. After collecting enough feedbacks from my friends and families, I might write another blog post about Uber’s ‘Feature Requests’.


If you are new to Uber, sign up here and get a free ride.

EasilyDo Mail is now my favourite Email App

EasilyDo Mail is now my favourite Email App

Bye Gmail!

Hello EasilyDo Mail!

I’ve used EasilyDo Email App for 1 day and it easily becomes my favourite Email App.

Don’t get confused. I’m still using my several gmail accounts (both for personal and for work). Google has a great family of productivity tools like Google Drive, Docs. I just use a new App to replace the original Gmail App.

What people are saying

I learnt about the app by reading Walt Mossberg’s review. From the article, he said “Apple’s aging email app opens the door for another contender.” Here’s another review on TechCrunch: “It’s definitely one worth checking out.”

What’s next

An iPad version is coming this fall and an Android version later this year.

My Feature Request

Please develop a desktop App on Mac asap as I usually spend the majority of time on desktop reading and replying emails.


No.2 Gmail App
No.3 Inbox by Gmail
No.4 Mail by Apple


Google Apps for Work (20% off Coupon Code: CJJM6QKJJNLU7N )

To redeem your offer:
1. Sign up for Google Apps
2. Go to your billing settings
3. Choose your payment plan
4. Enter your promo code

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