Evernote’s latest updates

Evernote has released 2 major updates after celebrating its 8th year anniversary. These are not very good news for users. Users with free (basic) accounts will be limited to two devices and the pricing for Plus and Premium account will be increased (depending on regions).

I have been using Evernote for 5 years now. I have tried the Premium Plan and I like the offline feature, especially when I am travelling. Although the usage has been decreasing in recent years as I shifted most of my work to Google Drive, Evernote is still one of my favourite apps sitting on the homepage of my iPhone.

Why I love Evernote

Mobile Experience

The user experience on mobile is much better than Google Docs. I started using its app during the lectures when I was a student. Now I use it jot notes whenever I don’t have access to my mac.

Sync across mobile, tablet & Web

Search function

How the changes affect me

I am using the basic plan for now, with 6 devices connecting to my account (2 Macs, iPad, 2 Phones & 1 old iPhone). With the new device limit, I have to sign out 4 of my devices. Luckily, Evernote Web doesn’t count as a device. As I have shifted to use Evernote Web from its app on Mac for some time now, it won’t be a problem for me to disconnect the Mac App. Then, I decided to keep Evernote connected to my iPad and my primarily iPhone 6s, with my other phones disconnected. That’s it. I’m done! My workflow doesn’t really change at all.

Keep enjoying Evernote!

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