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The “Uber for X, Airbnb for Y” concept is popular among startups. BonAppetour is another startup aiming to be the Airbnb for Food. Based in Singapore, BonAppetour was launched 3 years ago with over 800 passionate chefs and home-cooks in over 50 countries across the world.

BonAppetour – All About Food

BonAppetour is offering an online social platform where a global community of hosts and guests bond over authentic home-cooked food. If you are a foodie or traveller looking for something not covered on travel guidebooks, ‘Home’ is the place to go.

Hong Kong

Yesterday, they hosted a launch party in Hong Kong, looking for the first 20 hosts in town. If you are interested in having unique local experience when you travel, sign up now and earn US$15 BonAppetour credit.

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