Think with Google is one of my favourite resources to learn and get inspired. Recently, Google has released some tips on designing a retail app or site. Here’s a checklist of Dos & Don’ts when designing a retail app.

Chapter 1: Exploration and Search

Loads quickly.
Provide clear utility before asking users to register.
Speak the same language as your users.
Use effective search indexing.
Don’t let promotions steal the show.

Chapter 2: Product Details and Reviews

Provide full product details.
Let the user control the level of zoom.
Show users how much they’re saving on discounted products.
Show in-store availability on product pages.
Display shipping costs and delivery dates on the item page.
Allow user reviews to be viewed and filtered.
Encourage consumer-generated content.
Surface related products at opportune moments.

Chapter 3: Checkout and Payments

Allow shoppers to continue shopping after adding an item to the cart.
Let shoppers edit the cart.
Resurface promotions, deals, and coupons at checkout.
Let users purchase as a guest.
Show users the checkout process is secure.
Provide multiple third-party payment options.

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