Learn by Doing

I didn’t learn design in school. Instead, I learn by reading, doing and sharing. I read lots of articles and videos online. One of my favourite blogs that inspire me to take my first step to start designing is InVision Blog.

Recently, I have learnt that InVision is releasing a new tool called “CRAFT”. As I have followed InVision blog for a long time, I trust the team behind InVision and I decided to dive in.

What is Craft?

In short, Craft is a groundbreaking set of free plugins for Sketch and Photoshop to bring real data and lightning speed to your design workflow. You can learn more in this documentation and this intro video.

First Impression

Craft is a suite of plugins, including, LIBRARY, PHOTOS, TYPE, DUPLICATE and PROTOTYPE (Coming Soon).

The first plugin I tried was PHOTOS. As you can see from the mockup screen above, there is a beautiful landscape photo as the background image. I was using the PHOTOS plugin to import this beautiful image from Unsplash.com, directly in Sketch. I can choose which category of photos to import, such as ‘people’, ‘nature’, ‘technology’ etc. It was impressive!

What’s next?

In the coming months, I will dive into UI/UX design with Sketch, Craft and InVision.

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