10x Faster Than Mobile Browsers
Loading speed matters. Have you ever close a website before it successfully loaded its content? Facebook’s Instant Article doesn’t just improve this major pain point. It improves by 10 times faster. Now you just need to focus on your content, because no one will leave your page because of loading speed.

Mobile-Friendly Designs
Back in 2014, mobile users had already surpassed desktop users. The trend is clear – More mobile users and more time spend on mobile per user.

If you don’t have a mobile or responsive website, you’d better create one. If you don’t have the time, skills and money to do it, instant articles might be a good option for you to launch mobile-friendly blog posts in a short period of time.

Higher Engagement
This is obvious. Higher loading speed and a mobile-friendly design lead to a better user experience. People are therefore more likely to interact with your posts.

Better Monetization
Facebook empowers you to make money out of your content, which is great.

Facebook Still Matters
Do not care about the eye-catching ‘news’ about how young people are abandoning Facebook. Ask yourself, are you using Facebook every day? Facebook are now used by over 1 billion people. In Hong Kong, more than 4.7 Million people use Facebook every month and 72% (3.4 Million) of them return every day.

So when Facebook launches a new flagship product, you’d better dive in.

Note: Instant Article is not for everyone. Learn more about it by reading the documentation. Test it by creating one on your page. Then, you’ll see if it suits your publishing workflow.

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