Angelhack Week is happening in Hong Kong. Today, General Assembly organizes an intro to Apps development and investment options at a new co-working space in Hong Kong called Metta.

Apps Development Insights

Speaker: Charlie Morris – Software Developer, Mind Fund Studio

Here’re some key notes I have taken during the event:

MindFund Studio spends ⅔ of their time developing their own products while spending ⅓ of the time as an agency
There are 1.5 billion mobile phones worldwide and Android dominates.
4 ways to monetize Apps: Paid apps/ In-app purchase/ Subscription/ Banner Ads or sponsored content
9% of iOS apps are paid apps
Freemium model is getting popular (e.g. Clash of Clans)
50% users drop off on their onboarding stage
77% will never use the app after 3 days
95% daily active user loss 90 days after installs
HK Landscape:
Mobile: 24% iOS/ 74% Android
Tablet: 82% iOS/ 17% Android

About Mettā

Mettā is a great place for entrepreneurs with great location (at Lan Kwai Fong).

Want to learn more about Metta? Check out this video “Mettā in a Minute” and join “WeAreMettā” on Facebook.

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