Featured Images

When creating featured images, there are few key factors to bear in mind.

5 Key Factors

Perfect Dimensions – Make sure your image fits the size of your blog. Preview it before publishing.

High Resolutions – Everyone loves High-Definition.

Less is More – Make your message clear and concise

Small File Size – To speed up the loading time, thus lowering the bounce rate.

Original – Avoid using stock photos which can be seen everywhere. (Stock Photos are good resources to supplement the content, but not for the most important image of your blog.)

2 Great Tools

A popular tool for marketers and bloggers to easily create beautiful designs and documents for their blogs and social media profiles. Since I love using Canva for my business as well, I upgraded to Canva for work which offers more features that speed up my workflow.

BrandColors.net enables you to search the official color code for the world’s biggest brand.

Color is always an important element for your designs. Whenever I write something about particular brands, I usually use the corresponding brand colors on my featured images such that readers can easily relate which brands I am going to talk about. If you follow my blog close, you know what I mean.

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