Bye Gmail!

Hello EasilyDo Mail!

I’ve used EasilyDo Email App for 1 day and it easily becomes my favourite Email App.

Don’t get confused. I’m still using my several gmail accounts (both for personal and for work). Google has a great family of productivity tools like Google Drive, Docs. I just use a new App to replace the original Gmail App.

What people are saying

I learnt about the app by reading Walt Mossberg’s review. From the article, he said “Apple’s aging email app opens the door for another contender.” Here’s another review on TechCrunch: “It’s definitely one worth checking out.”

What’s next

An iPad version is coming this fall and an Android version later this year.

My Feature Request

Please develop a desktop App on Mac asap as I usually spend the majority of time on desktop reading and replying emails.


No.2 Gmail App
No.3 Inbox by Gmail
No.4 Mail by Apple


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