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‘Save to Facebook’ Chrome Extension

‘Save to Facebook’ Chrome Extension

‘Out of Pocket’

5 years ago, I was a fan of Pocket – an app that helps me to save any articles on the web and read later, especially for offline reading. Since Facebook launched its own ‘Save’ feature, I shifted from Pocket and started using it to save any posts, pages or links that I will ‘read later’. I love this feature as it allows me to ‘keep an eye’ on certain pages or links while I’m not ready to ‘like’ them yet.

Save to Facebook

I’m happy to see Facebook taking this feature to the next level by introducing its own chrome extension. Now I can basically save ANYTHING to Facebook and create my own reading list. I have 700+ saved items on Facebook right now and I can see the list growing in a much faster pace.

Download the Chrome Extension here


How Evernote’s latest updates affect my workflow

How Evernote’s latest updates affect my workflow

Evernote’s latest updates

Evernote has released 2 major updates after celebrating its 8th year anniversary. These are not very good news for users. Users with free (basic) accounts will be limited to two devices and the pricing for Plus and Premium account will be increased (depending on regions).

I have been using Evernote for 5 years now. I have tried the Premium Plan and I like the offline feature, especially when I am travelling. Although the usage has been decreasing in recent years as I shifted most of my work to Google Drive, Evernote is still one of my favourite apps sitting on the homepage of my iPhone.

Why I love Evernote

Mobile Experience

The user experience on mobile is much better than Google Docs. I started using its app during the lectures when I was a student. Now I use it jot notes whenever I don’t have access to my mac.

Sync across mobile, tablet & Web

Search function

How the changes affect me

I am using the basic plan for now, with 6 devices connecting to my account (2 Macs, iPad, 2 Phones & 1 old iPhone). With the new device limit, I have to sign out 4 of my devices. Luckily, Evernote Web doesn’t count as a device. As I have shifted to use Evernote Web from its app on Mac for some time now, it won’t be a problem for me to disconnect the Mac App. Then, I decided to keep Evernote connected to my iPad and my primarily iPhone 6s, with my other phones disconnected. That’s it. I’m done! My workflow doesn’t really change at all.

Keep enjoying Evernote!

Get a free month of Evernote Premium.


BonAppetour is the Airbnb for Food

BonAppetour is the Airbnb for Food

Sharing Economy

The “Uber for X, Airbnb for Y” concept is popular among startups. BonAppetour is another startup aiming to be the Airbnb for Food. Based in Singapore, BonAppetour was launched 3 years ago with over 800 passionate chefs and home-cooks in over 50 countries across the world.

BonAppetour – All About Food

BonAppetour is offering an online social platform where a global community of hosts and guests bond over authentic home-cooked food. If you are a foodie or traveller looking for something not covered on travel guidebooks, ‘Home’ is the place to go.

Hong Kong

Yesterday, they hosted a launch party in Hong Kong, looking for the first 20 hosts in town. If you are interested in having unique local experience when you travel, sign up now and earn US$15 BonAppetour credit.

Feedme Guru is a new app for searching the best 600 restaurants in town

Feedme Guru is a new app for searching the best 600 restaurants in town

Today, I have a long chat with the co-founder of FeedMe Guru. I am impressed by one of their goals, which is ‘Replacing Tripadvisor’.

FeedMe Guru

FeedMe Guru is an app for foodies who are searching for the best restaurants in town. Different from other platforms like Tripadvisor, Yelp or Openrice, which are based on user generated content, FeedMe Guru uses their own technology engine to crawl for professional reviews, then analyzes them and shortlists the best 600 restaurants for us.

Targeting young professionals, most of the restaurants you can find are mid-to-high-end restaurants. One additional feature is that you can book directly on the app, without making a phone call.

Try Now

If you think that the reviews on other platforms are not reliable, you can try this app. FeedMe Guru is now available on iOS, Android and Web.

Divi 100 Marathon Starts Today

Divi 100 Marathon Starts Today

Divi 100 Marathon

I have been using Divi Theme for my WordPress sites for more than a year and I am excited to hear that Divi 3.0 is coming in just 100 days. In the upcoming 100 days, there will be a new and exciting new resource on Elegant Themes Blog.

So what’s coming in Divi 3.0?

The official blog stated that “Divi 3.0 will launch with a completely new visual-editing experience that will forever change the way you build websites with the Divi Builder (for the better).” Check out the full blog post here.

What is Divi?

Just in case you haven’t heard about Divi, Divi is one of the most popular flagship WordPress theme made by the team behind Elegant Theme. I have tried various themes but Divi is the best I have found so far. The features I like most are the drag and drop magical builder and the huge amount of supports from the community.

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